Daily Tarot

Honoring The Ebb & Flow of Life


As you can see in the Goddess oracle cards above, I received a very paradoxical message this morning.  It is interesting that the Hathor card of “Receptivity” came out of the deck, as well as Aine – “Leap of Faith”.   

We are being asked to honor the times of action as well as the periods of inaction…

                               What time is it for you?

Is today a day for you to take a risk and ‘put your heart’s true desire into action’? Or is it time for you to allow yourself to receive?

This is a very pertinent question, especially in regards to matters of the heart.  The ‘Ideal Partnership’ card – bridging the two goddess oracle cards – mentions that your true love could be looking for you at exactly the same time as you’re looking for them.

This message comes to remind you that in  order to give, we must learn to receive.  In order to find, sometimes you need to give up your search and just be

Action must be balanced with inaction. 

                                    The continuous ebb and flow of life is Divine Timing at it’s finest.

                                Is it time for you to open up and receive?   

Or is it time for you to stop doing nothing, and take that leap of faith? 

                      Go for it…Don’t let fears hold you back from either way!

Love & Light,



Daily Tarot

You Are Stronger Than You Think!


Over the past two years or so I have been working through my anxiety (naturally).  This journey of mine has made me aware that most of it stemmed from feeling separated from source.  This feeling is obviously an illusion.  Once you remember that you are, as an individual, also a thread in the divine master plan that is the universe/we are all one, nothing really worries you anymore.

Realizing this, meditating on this, and reconnecting with all that is, reminds you that you’re always safe, always unharmed and unconditionally loved.  Anxiety will dissipate away when you come back to this understanding.  

Without the mental chatter that anxiety brings, the newfound quietness will bring you back to your power center.  You already have everything you need within you.   

Love, Joy, Abundance and bliss are manifested within first…as within, so without.

“You are stronger than you think you are, and your strength assures a happy outcome.”

Love and Light,


Daily Tarot

Your Body is Your Temple…


The Oracle cards that I pulled this morning all centered around self – love.  The Goddess Oracle card is Coventina and she speaks of purifying your body and mind:

It is time for a cleansing detoxification of your body and mind

  I mentioned this yesterday in one of my posts…rising up out of the dense energy of the 3D Matrix, which is filled with processed foods, toxic news stories, hate, etc.  Taking our power back and recognizing our sovereignty.  We have a choice of what we ingest, use on our physical body, and what we let into our mental body.

Why not allow only purity into your body, mind and soul? 

I am not suggesting anything extreme, but simply being aware of this choice is a good beginning.  Being conscious enough to choose food, people, situations and media that feed your soul, instead of bogging it down…This is what spiritual ascension is all about.  Not letting yourself be controlled by the dark & heavy – instead, letting your light shine forth and not letting anyone or anything weigh you down – literally and figuratively.  

I honor my body

Also, learning to honor my body, as a woman, has been hard.  After giving birth to a child especially. But spiritual ascension has helped me appreciate everything it has done for me!  Now, I consciously send love and appreciation to my body every day.  It is amazing how freeing this is.  I send love to my body by literally being grateful and also with gentle exercise, healthy and whole foods as often as possible (with an emphasis on fruits and veggies), and I have never looked or felt better in my life!

So, send love to your mental and energetic bodies…your soul will thank you ❤ 

Love and Light,


Daily Tarot

Goddess Guidance~ Connecting with Nature

img_1923Today’s Goddess guidance oracle card is Cordelia-

“You have been indoors too long. Go outside and get some fresh air.”

While the benefits of being outside in nature may seem obvious, a gentle reminder is always welcome.  Being outside in nature provides an opportunity to get grounded.  

Walk barefoot on the grass…walk through an area full of trees…be quiet so you can hear the whisper of spirit as the wind flows through you, reminding you that you’re part of the divine plan as well. 

Becoming disconnected from source and nature can create a lot of disharmony within your self.  Our fast paced lives, technology, and demands from society can really alter your internal peace, as well as your internal compass which guides you on your soul path.

So go outside…be still…be one with all that is…the true inner peace and joy that this will bring is unparalleled. ❤ 

Sending you so much love and light,