Daily Tarot

New Beginnings



As we move through the month of October and into Scorpio season, it is a time to shed the old and make room for the new.  The changing of the seasons (it is Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere) signifies a cycle of death, a time to pause and reflect on what you want to manifest and birth in the Spring, and honor all of your experiences, people, things, etc. that no longer serve you…and release them out of your life and energy field.

It is important to honor and be grateful for what you want to release – because surely all of it taught you valuable lessons, paved new roads, opened your awareness to new levels, and made you into the person you are now.  Especially the hard lessons, the dark people that may have hurt you, or the habits that were self harming…everything has its season.

A big part of becoming spiritually awakened and healing/becoming whole is journeying into the underworld and into darkness…otherwise you wouldn’t understand the contrast of all that is light.  To be balanced individuals, we must embrace our shadow side and appreciate it for what it has taught you.  Once you acknowledge it and learn to channel it into good and positive energy, it no longer has power over you and can no longer push your life into chaos or run you ragged.

Scorpio season is all about sexuality, birth, life/death…it is a very deep period.  Take this time to face your shadow side and release all those toxic ties that are weighing you down in life.  Or, meet your shadow to see how you can use that life force energy to propel the positive traits and positive things in your life.   

Here’s to new beginnings and releasing all that no longer serves you.  It won’t be easy, but nothing that is worth it ever is.

Love & Light,




Daily Tarot

Your Body is Your Temple…


The Oracle cards that I pulled this morning all centered around self – love.  The Goddess Oracle card is Coventina and she speaks of purifying your body and mind:

It is time for a cleansing detoxification of your body and mind

  I mentioned this yesterday in one of my posts…rising up out of the dense energy of the 3D Matrix, which is filled with processed foods, toxic news stories, hate, etc.  Taking our power back and recognizing our sovereignty.  We have a choice of what we ingest, use on our physical body, and what we let into our mental body.

Why not allow only purity into your body, mind and soul? 

I am not suggesting anything extreme, but simply being aware of this choice is a good beginning.  Being conscious enough to choose food, people, situations and media that feed your soul, instead of bogging it down…This is what spiritual ascension is all about.  Not letting yourself be controlled by the dark & heavy – instead, letting your light shine forth and not letting anyone or anything weigh you down – literally and figuratively.  

I honor my body

Also, learning to honor my body, as a woman, has been hard.  After giving birth to a child especially. But spiritual ascension has helped me appreciate everything it has done for me!  Now, I consciously send love and appreciation to my body every day.  It is amazing how freeing this is.  I send love to my body by literally being grateful and also with gentle exercise, healthy and whole foods as often as possible (with an emphasis on fruits and veggies), and I have never looked or felt better in my life!

So, send love to your mental and energetic bodies…your soul will thank you ❤ 

Love and Light,


Daily Tarot

Goddess Guidance~ Connecting with Nature

img_1923Today’s Goddess guidance oracle card is Cordelia-

“You have been indoors too long. Go outside and get some fresh air.”

While the benefits of being outside in nature may seem obvious, a gentle reminder is always welcome.  Being outside in nature provides an opportunity to get grounded.  

Walk barefoot on the grass…walk through an area full of trees…be quiet so you can hear the whisper of spirit as the wind flows through you, reminding you that you’re part of the divine plan as well. 

Becoming disconnected from source and nature can create a lot of disharmony within your self.  Our fast paced lives, technology, and demands from society can really alter your internal peace, as well as your internal compass which guides you on your soul path.

So go outside…be still…be one with all that is…the true inner peace and joy that this will bring is unparalleled. ❤ 

Sending you so much love and light,


Daily Tarot

Self Healing


Long lost Ancient knowledge of self healing has been hidden away from humanity for too long.  Thankfully, this knowledge is coming into the forefront as we take our power back and begin to explore spirituality outside of the prescribed religions that have been ‘guiding’ humanity for thousands of years.  As we open up to connecting with the divine and reviving this ancient knowledge, it allows us to take this power back into our hands, literally. 

The power of self healing through energetic work and keeping toxins out of our physical (and mental) bodies is reaching the masses and helping us disconnect from the dark programming.

Keeping your vessel that enshrines your soul (your body) healthy through eating whole, organic and real foods {from the earth} and not allowing toxic media, thoughts, people, etc. into your energetic field will keep you balanced and your ‘ailments’ will become healed!  ❤ 

Love & Light,


Daily Tarot

Message of Love for Humanity❤️

Unconditional love and team work. These are the tarot cards I pulled last night while asking spirit for a message for the masses. As the world charges through the global ascension and more and more humans are waking up to the reality of unity consciousness, the evil and hate in the world is being brought to the surface for everyone to see. The truth can no longer be hidden, and the darkness is finally being overcome by the light.

If everyone bands together in unconditional love and unity, working together to build (rebuild) the beautiful, blissful earth that once was – before evil, greed, and separation plagued the planet – we can all return to that way of life, where community/family/love, peace, sharing of resources and protecting Mother Earth were of utmost importance & the first priority of mankind. ❤️#tarot #gaia #love