Daily Tarot

New Beginnings



As we move through the month of October and into Scorpio season, it is a time to shed the old and make room for the new.  The changing of the seasons (it is Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere) signifies a cycle of death, a time to pause and reflect on what you want to manifest and birth in the Spring, and honor all of your experiences, people, things, etc. that no longer serve you…and release them out of your life and energy field.

It is important to honor and be grateful for what you want to release – because surely all of it taught you valuable lessons, paved new roads, opened your awareness to new levels, and made you into the person you are now.  Especially the hard lessons, the dark people that may have hurt you, or the habits that were self harming…everything has its season.

A big part of becoming spiritually awakened and healing/becoming whole is journeying into the underworld and into darkness…otherwise you wouldn’t understand the contrast of all that is light.  To be balanced individuals, we must embrace our shadow side and appreciate it for what it has taught you.  Once you acknowledge it and learn to channel it into good and positive energy, it no longer has power over you and can no longer push your life into chaos or run you ragged.

Scorpio season is all about sexuality, birth, life/death…it is a very deep period.  Take this time to face your shadow side and release all those toxic ties that are weighing you down in life.  Or, meet your shadow to see how you can use that life force energy to propel the positive traits and positive things in your life.   

Here’s to new beginnings and releasing all that no longer serves you.  It won’t be easy, but nothing that is worth it ever is.

Love & Light,




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